Monday, April 27, 2009

what a waste

Yard waste = leaves and clippings. Lots of folks in Boston rake their leaves, place them in those big paper bags, save them up until the magical few weeks in spring and fall when the (now rotting) bags can be put out to be collected and composted. We get our 2 stickers for the barrels (even though we need like 30), we cut our brush into exactly 3 foot lengths, not 3' 3" or they will be left behind, how embarrassing! This is the "green" thing to do, we feel good about it.
But, despite there being a 2000 state ban against mixing yard waste in with trash, the past few weeks we have heard that many bags of carefully gathered leaves were tossed in with the regular trash.

Striving for clarity, we looked online but found only contrary info on the city's website. Which also lists "Saturday Drop-offs" (we imagine those are for disposing of yard waste in between the magic weeks?) but no locations were given. Hmmm.

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