Saturday, October 3, 2009

ADORE-chester! we get it done

I feel pretty sure that our neighborhood stands as the most misunderstood in the city of Boston. We are the oldest, the largest. And we meet. We are good at meeting. No other neighborhood has the unsung and unstinting brawny backbone of countless community folks who attend hours of meetings over months and years to see wonderful things come to fruition. In any given week, there are at least a half dozen meetings. We meet and discuss and focus on getting what is needed done. And when the time comes we put shovels in the ground and make it happen - the new T stations, the new parks, the eyesores rebuilt, the vacant lots cleaned up. We work together without a lot of fanfare. We like each other. Or maybe we don't, but it still gets done. And there is lots more to do. I am proud to be able to count on my neighbors and they know they can count on me. If you want to know about the good things that happen here, please take the time to check out these and other excellent local sources like the Dorchester Reporter, which I ADORE!

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  1. Yep, we do get it done. We meet a lot but then Boston is basically a city of folks who meet. The proof is in the putting and the recent changes improve and lift everyone. I am just thrilled about Ashmont and Field's Corner stations!